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ISO Certification

ISO Certification

A standard that insures you’ll get consistency, excellence and value every time you call LithoFlexo Grafics.

What is ISO?
The ISO (International Organization for Standards), based in Geneva, Switzerland, is a non-governmental entity formed in 1979 to help standardize how the world measures a company's quality practices. The ISO sets forth strict guidelines that, when followed, enable a company to readily monitor, identify and resolve issues of quality that may arise in daily operations.

What is ISO Certification?
ISO Certification means that a system of quality and consistency that meets defined international standards has been verified by an external auditor and put into place.

LithoFlexo Grafics is ISO Certified
After working closely with the ISO to institute our own quality assurance measures, LithoFlexo proudly became ISO 9001 certified in February 2001. Recertification was completed on May 17, 2012 to the 9001:2008 standard. At LithoFlexo Grafics, quality is more than just talk. It means that we are genuinely committed to meeting exacting standards for every customer. It means getting the job done right.

 Our Quality Policy Reads:
LithoFlexo Grafics is committed to a standard of excellence in printing, labeling and packaging through quality improvements and superior service. We are fully committed to achieve this standard of excellence required by this policy through the following system disciplines:

  • Defined responsibilities.
  • Continuous improvement of products and our system.
  • Development of new technologies that meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Ongoing communication with customers.
  • Employee training.

When you do business with LithoFlexo, you can rest easy knowing that we maintain strict quality standards in everything we do.

Is Your Printer ISO Certified?
If you’re not working with LithoFlexo, contact us today and learn how we can put our ISO-certified quality commitment to work for you.

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