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Customer Service


"Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things."

—Peter F. Drucker

Freddy Versteeg

Freddy W. Versteeg, President, grew up in this family business. Freddy came up through the ranks working many different jobs starting in the bindery, delivering product to customers, selling, and ultimately President. He has lead the company for eighteen years with a great understanding of the printing process, product quality, and customer needs. His direction is to meet or exceed the customer’s expectations at LithoFlexo Grafics, Inc.

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Phone: (801) 484-8503 ext. 1152


Robert Willmore
Vice President

Robert R. Willmore CPA, Vice President, has overseen the operations of the company for the past sixteen years. He worked for several years in the printing industry before getting his college degree. He understands that through process controls, products are more consistent and better meet customer expectations.

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Phone: (801) 484-8503 ext. xxx


Steve Furner
Vice President Sales

Steve L. Furner, Vice President of Sales, grew up in the printing industry along side his father. He worked various jobs in prepress, customer service, sales, and even President of a commercial print shop. Steve joined LithoFlexo Grafics seven years ago to help further the company’s sales growth. He has a strong knowledge of the printing process, is motivated by servicing customer’s needs, and appreciates managements’ commitment to excellence.

Contact Steve at:
Email :
Phone: (801) 484-8503 ext. 1122

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